Michael Spragg – Find Full Potential for Growth

by | Aug 1, 2023

Business Owner Finds “Full Potential For Growth”

In 2013, Queensland resident Michael Spragg was already an established business owner, when he was invited to join Laser Plumbing and Electrical, a premier electrical and plumbing contracting network across Australia and New Zealand. Spragg’s firm, S.O.S. Plumbing—which he’d led as owner and director—had been operating successfully since 2006.

“When The Laser Group approached us, we were experiencing growing pains in our business, ”Michael recalls. “We saw this new affiliation as an opportunity to professionalise our business and also work with the knowledgeable and effective owners in the Laser Group.”

Today, Laser Plumbing Gumdale employs 34 team members across Queensland, delivering a wide array of domestic, commercial and industrial services. Primarily, the firm serves builders and developers who construct large-scale townhouse developments, as well as aged care facilities.

In 2015, Michael decided to join The Alternative Board in order to sharpen his executive skills.

Growing A Business Without Formal Training

“For me, the main reason for becoming a TAB Member was to reinforce whether I was doing everything I could for my business to achieve its full potential for growth,” he says. “This was especially important because—having transitioned from a tradesman to a business owner—I had no formal business training.”

And while TAB Membership has proved helpful in a number of ways, Michael says the key benefit centers around the best utilisation of his employees.

“The biggest challenge and most important asset you have in business is your staff,” he says. “Working with other private business owners like myself, I’ve learned how to better understand my employees’ needs and concerns, and dramatically improve our communications and business culture.”

Moving From Ideas To Action

So what does Michael say to other business owners and managing directors considering membership in The Alternative Board?

“When you think about running a business, the challenge you face is transforming all the information and ideas in your head into concrete action.”

“TAB Membership greatly assists in helping Members with the day-to-day running of their businesses, but the TAB Facilitator and Board can also help you achieve your strategic vision through specialised coaching and practical solutions.”