Matt Reid – The Alternative Board BBB

by | Aug 1, 2023

Matt Reid launched RAZOR, a successful Web, Design & Marketing company based in Auckland, New Zealand, while still attending high school. Nearly 15 years later, Matt knew it was the right time to expand his business. He also knew growth wasn’t just about getting bigger; he needed a strategy to work smarter. That’s when he turned to the Business Builder’s Blueprint™ from The Alternative Board.

Matt Reid recently rebranded RAZOR into a full-service marketing agency specialising in website design, SEO, online marketing, and branding – essentially becoming a one-stop digital marketing shop for small to mid-size businesses.
While Matt and his team of 15 are cutting-edge experts in their field, structuring a growing business and creating a long-term company vision require a very different set of skills. Matt needed a business strategy and development tool that would help him focus on both the big picture, as well as all those layers of organisational details needed to support a robust organisation.
So he turned to The Alternative Board’s Business Builder’s Blueprint™, a proprietary strategic business management platform that provides organisations a hands-on approach to creating and implementing a strategic plan, while prioritising those activities that wield the greatest impact.

“I like that the Business Builder’s Blueprint™ is very comprehensive, but still simple to use and navigate,”Matt says. “It has a number of good features in it like the Accountability Plan where you can map out your organisational chart and delegate who does what within that.”

Matt says he also finds the strategic plan functionality of the Business Builder’s Blueprint™quite useful. This is where Matt lists Critical Success Factors for the year, then breaks them down into specific goals and tactics.

“There are other smart features in there as well,like capturing your mission, your values, your culture statement, and your brand promise.”

Matt says that having a centralised location to house these organisational tools is essential.

“I imagine most other business owners would never even know where to start to create that themselves.”
Matt credits the Business Builder’s Blueprint™ as well as his business coach from The Alternative Board with providing a clear and executable path forward.

“If you look at the numbers of our business and the direction of where we are now and where we are headed, it’s pretty clear that they had quite a big effect on it, obviously in a very positive way.”

Matt said that implementing the Business Builder’s Blueprint™ has had benefits throughout his entire team. What he once considered a disjointed, slow-growing staff of six has more than doubled in size and blossomed into a tight knit group of professionals with a clear sense of the company’s vision.

Matt says that the Business Builder’s Blueprint™ has also made his team more aware of how the business can improve in other key areas like Marketing, Sales,and client retention.

“The entire team now has more understanding of where we are coming from and where we want to go with the business.”

As RAZOR continues to scale, Matt and his team can rely on the organisational infrastructure they have built within the Business Builder’s Blueprint™ to guide them along the way.