In your business, who has your back?

The Alternative Board provides peer to peer business advice and planning as well as business coaching and mentoring to support New Zealand business owners, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and managing directors.  This is important because nowhere else in New Zealand can you get this much help from a business coach in so many areas of your business on an ongoing basis.


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As a business owner, have you ever felt isolated?

As a New Zealand business owner, have you ever felt isolated?  That your family, friends and staff just don’t understand the pressures you face in running your business?  That you end up making every single business decision?  That you’d appreciate wise advice and guidance but just don’t know where to find an affordable option?

The Alternative Board is here to help you with our peer to peer business advice and planning and business management coaching solutions.

Peer to Peer Advice

Business Mentor meeting every month with a peer to peer advisory board of up to 8 other non-competing NZ business owners, you will share in each other’s challenges and opportunities and, using the collective wisdom of the group, give and receive impartial advice to one another.

Your fellow board members are just like you. They stand in your shoes, understand your issues, and ‘get it’.

Free Business Diagnostic

Get a free diagnostic on your business and an understanding of its performance, please click below.

Change Happens.  Take Control.

9 Steps to Safeguard Your Business

Change Happens.  Take Control.

9 Steps to Safeguard Your Business

3 Powerful Ways to Help You Solve Business Problems

BoardRoom – Coaching – Business Plan


 Our business owner advisory boards expand your thinking beyond your particular industry providing new perspectives through business mentoring to spur new ways of doing business and achieving business growth.


You will also get a monthly one-on-one with your local The Alternative Board facilitator/business coaches – It’s like having your very own business mentor on speed dial.


BUSINESS BUILDER’S BLUEPRINT – Our members have access to a proven strategic business planning process.  Find out more about how the Business Builders Blueprint can help you with your business plan.

Strength and Confidence Come from Taking Action

In the best of times having a quality sounding board of peers is vitally important. During times of economic uncertainty, having access to fresh perspectives, expertise and support when you’re facing big decisions is not a luxury — it’s a necessity.

As a business owner or leader, it’s essential to be healthy to weather a downturn. Our Members share expertise and challenge each other to think critically. Our Business mentors and small business coaches help you take the right actions, right now.

Being prepared is not only a competitive advantage — it gives you peace of mind. As part of The Alternative Board, you’ll address critical business decisions that will make your business as healthy as it can be, no matter what the outside world throws your way. It’s a small investment with BIG results.

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