Robyn Lonsdale – Managing a Crisis

by | Aug 1, 2023

The world economy is constantly changing and in recent times, the business arena has taken numerous economic hits. One such hit involved a significant downturn in the global dairy industry with knock-on effects causing significant impact upon a wide range of support industries. With timely, wise business knowledge, companies can get through these tough times and, in some cases, even come out stronger.

Robyn Lonsdale is General Manager and part owner of the well-established Temple Water Technologies Limited, which has been in operation for 17 years. Robyn works alongside her husband Chris Lonsdale, who is the Founding Director of this water
treatment solution provider, primarily to the dairy industry.

“The global dairy crisis hit and we almost went under, then I got a call introducing me to the concept of The Alternative Board.”

Robyn gives an insight into the history of Temple Water, “I joined Temple Water 10 years ago to help out my husband, Chris.
Even at that time, though, we both knew that we would benefit from professional coaching to fully develop the true potential of the business.”

Robyn explains how they came to be Members of The Alternative Board: “The global dairy crisis hit, and it was in this environment that I got a call introducing me to The Alternative Board. My curiosity was piqued. Deep down I knew we needed help to get through this time, as achieving our goals seemed to be getting harder. It didn’t seem to me that we would get there on our own.”

Robyn made the commitment to The Alternative Board and hasn’t looked back. “I went to a sample board meeting and was
most impressed with the process. Not only did we get a personal coach but we got access to all the other wisdom and experience held by the other Board Members, who are business owners.”

“I went to a sample Board Meeting and was most impressed with the process.”

Robyn explains further, “At our Board Meetings we discuss the issues we are dealing with. All of us have different issues at different times and have tried different things to overcome them, and I’m finding ‘pearls’ every time we gather around the
Boardroom table. These people have no other agenda, just my best interest and the best interest of my business, and that is
priceless. The Membership fee is structured in a realistic way to the size of our business making the coaching relationship more sustainable for the long term.”

Temple Water has seen positive business growth from being a Member of The Alternative Board. “Since beginning our relationship with The Alternative Board we have incorporated another business, creating a satellite of ourselves in the local area, and we now have 6 employees. My Board helped me with the challenges of staff, as we haven’t really experienced this area of the business before, whereas others on the Board have.”

During tough economical times, Robyn chose to trust the peer group process of The Alternative Board. In turn, by trusting the
process, Robyn has grown as a business woman, and, importantly, her business has grown, too. Robyn urges other business owners to explore The Alternative Board process: “Learn to trust the process and the shared challenges of the other Board/
Members. It is a growth process and all of us who sit around the Board table get lifted up by the process, knowing it is a safe place to share our challenges with one another and help out with wise and creative solutions.”