Hooglander – Immediate Success is every Business Owner’s Dream

by | Aug 1, 2023

Immediate Success Is Every Business Owner’s Dream.

Frankwin and Heather Hooglander experienced what can only be described as a meteoric rise when they launched Treasure Valley Solutions, a smart home technology business, just before the pandemic hit. But being experts in your field and knowing how to run a business are just not the same thing.

The Hooglanders were perfectly poised for success from the moment they entered the smart home technology market in 2019.

Frankwin had a successful career in software and web development, but was growing tired of project-based gigs. So he decided it was time to do something different.

“I had wired our own home with smart technology and also some of my friends’ homes,” Frankwin said.”It just seemed like there was a lot of need for the service out there.”

Heather’s eight years as the membership director for one of Boise’s home builders associations played a key role in Treasure Valley Solutions quickly expanding their book of business.

“Frankwin had also joined the association,” Heather said. “So we already kind of had a leg up with some of the local builders. It all just kind of fell into place.”

In their second full year in business, the company grossed more than $1 million in revenue and is poised to more than double that in 2022.

Even with such remarkable sales, an eager and active customer base, and great business connections, the Hooglanders were still faced with a pretty brutal reality.

“Running a business is a whole other skill than knowing your trade,” Frankwin said. “And I had absolutely no idea how to run a business.”

So Frankwin turned to his local TAB business coach and board facilitator to help him navigate those unchartered waters.
Frankwin started his TAB experience with one-on-one coaching. “Those early coaching sessions were a lot of just helping me learn about how to run a business.” Then about a year later, Frankwin joined a TAB board.

“I felt pretty intimidated walking into that first board meeting knowing I was going to meet all these great business owners running great businesses,” Frankwin admitted. “Once we started talking I realised that these amazing business owners struggle with the same things I do. That was kind of nice. I felt like, hey, I am not alone.”

Now Frankwin and Heather both sit on the TAB board and even host monthly board meetings in their conference room.

The Hooglanders said that their biggest challenge, like so many businesses these days, has been hiring and employee retention.

“Everyone on our board has struggled with this same issue at one time or another,” Frankwin shared. “They have all been through it, so they can give us advice and help us navigate that challenge.”

The Hooglanders have come a long way as business owners in the last couple of years and they credit the combined experience of their TAB board and business coach for helping them get there.

“There hasn’t been a single board meeting where we haven’t learned something valuable,” Heather said.

And learn they have. Treasure Valley Solutions was recently named Idaho’s Best Home Audio Video Business. Now how’s that for running a business?