Wayne Tancred

Wayne Tancred

Wayne Tancred

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Wayne Tancred
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Business Coach & Facilitator
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Building and facilitating The Alternative Board (TAB) for Rodney District communities checks numerous boxes for Wayne. It seems that his life journey and personal development have led him precisely to this point.

Throughout a 30-year career as a contract Graphic Designer, operating under the moniker ‘Beanie,’ he has gained experience in the workings and cultures of various companies, both nationally and particularly offshore. Developing enduring client relationships has been a hallmark of his career. Many of these clients bear New Zealand affiliations in their names, including ‘Post,’ ‘TV,’ ‘Wine Institute’, ’Warriors, ‘Netball,’ and ‘Golf’. Furthermore, there were others such as the Americas Cup Village and Auckland Council, among others. Notably, the international giant Electronic Arts – EA™, renowned for distributing and developing computer gaming titles like FIFA™, TheSims™, and NeedForSpeed™, dominated his portfolio. A claim to fame was the creation of EASPORTS Rugby game covers for ‘the world’ territories (a total of 8) during a World Cup year.

Over the course of 25 years with EA, his primary responsibilities entailed generating artwork and content for print and online platforms within the Asia Pacific and South African regions, involving work in multiple languages.

Being Northland born and bred, Wayne breathes its’ unique culture and embraces the opportunity assist in local businesses to rise together, we’re strong in numbers!

A 90s car nut, beer snob, a regular at the gym and relishes entertaining sports (including the Warriors – ‘it’s our season’, once again), an avid gardener, and a fan of DIY (YouTube is a wonderful thing!), Wayne encapsulates a diverse range of interests.

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