Karen Van Eden

Karen Van Eden

Karen Van Eden

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Karen Van Eden
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Business Coach & Facilitator
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After 20 years as a Strategic Change Consultant, Karen joined The Alternative Board to work in a more meaningful and collaborative way. The role of a consultant is to offer external expertise; yet after years of success, Karen’s style has evolved into coaching business owners to find their own solutions from within.

Karen asks potent questions, provides a strong sounding board, and empowers business owners to uncover, own, and fully implement next steps. With a longstanding passion for organisational culture, Karen knows this truth: if people are happy, energised and have the tools needed, organisations perform well. Similarly, if organisations perform well, business owners have more time, money, and freedom to live their dreams.

Karen has completed advanced coaching programmes and is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation. This enables her to bring a refined ear for deep and intuitive listening to the needs of her clients. Karen also facilitates Business Owner Advisory Board Meetings where business owners offer each other fresh perspectives and new options.

Throughout her life, Karen has chosen to live in ways which reflect her deepest values. To do this, she has walked the path of reinvention so that she works to a meaningful, healthy, and fulfilling rhythm. It is with empathy and enthusiasm that she provides strategic and operational support to business owners, while also challenging them to reach through the short-term pain of being in business, to reach the long-term gains of business growth and improvement.

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