Bruce Roberts

Bruce Roberts

Bruce Roberts

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Bruce Roberts
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Business Coach & Facilitator
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With deep executive experience from an array of senior management positions held across a variety of national and multinational companies, within industries ranging from printing and publishing, breweries, fast-moving consumer goods, and furniture, Bruce has a fantastic success rate in problem-solving, growing businesses, and improving bottom lines.

Going into business as a coach with The Alternative Board has allowed him to work in a highly collaborative way with his clients. It has also allowed him to live his life based on his core values: embracing and living life fully, challenging himself and others to be their best, choosing to walk his own path and, like nature, evolving and responding to what is.

Bruce feels privileged to leverage his broad business experience to help small and medium-sized business owners improve profitability and positively impact the lives of their staff. In one-on-one coaching sessions, Bruce listens intuitively, sees patterns, and asks questions that bring out innovative ideas, enabling business owners to enact their personal and professional visions. In this role, he offers his voice with detachment while encouraging passionate forward movement.

He also creates and facilitates Business Owner Advisory Board Meetings where owners help each other solve problems and seize opportunities. At any one time, he works closely with up to 30 companies, sparking the flame that enables business and developmental growth.

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