it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere.”

– Erma Bombeck

Business owners like to be creative and think about threats and opportunities in their business. Their brain is trying to help them resolve every issue out there to keep them safe from failure or hurt. The problem is when the worrying becomes overwhelming and prevents us from making a move. It helps to recognise that worry is there to keep us safe, but we have other skills that help us perform. Planning is a good positive one.

Think about what your end goal is and implement a plan that will solve the issue and get you closer to your goal. Use a daily task list or diary appointments to find time in your busy life where you can implement the plan. And remember that if you find other stuff is getting in the way, question whether you have your priorities correct.

Recently a client came to see me a few days after he had been blindsided by a staffing crisis. He had had three sleepless nights caused by numerous issues that he was struggling to deal with. These issues were big and life changing such as cancelling large projects, fifty percent revenue declines, having to sell his lifestyle property and even winding his business up. These threats were real – but they were overwhelming him and preventing him from addressing the issue in front of him.

The issue was – “how can I replace a key staff member in the shortest time frame”?

Not easy in the current employment market. But by putting in a plan in place to focus on strategies and tasks to replace the key staff member it took away the worry on things that hadn’t happened yet. And even if the key staff member took a while to find – the strategy and plan to find and replace the staff member would be appreciated by the bank – applying to a bank for financial assistance they would see you were aware of what you were up against but you had a solution you were working toward. As luck would have it – while we were brainstorming on different ideas of where to get specialist staff – a lightbulb went off in my client’s head. By focusing on the issue and not what might happen – he discovered he had a name that could solve his staffing crisis. By the next day, he had interviewed a qualified person and within a week he had a signed contract in his hands.

If you ever find yourself overwhelmed and can’t take a step forward – find someone to talk to that can get you to take a step back, look at what your key issues are, and help you to find a plan that you can implement to solve it. Sleepless nights can be cured by stopping the worrying – by putting a plan in place that gets you to where you want to go.

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