Listening to an audiobook this week, I found myself reflecting on some of the issues raised in our Winter Pulse Check, particularly the reports of exhaustion and stress among business owners.

The book – Move by Caroline Williams – takes a look at the science behind movement and the problems that moving very little can cause us all. As well as urging us off the couch, Move looks at how society has slowed down to a sitting position and the harm that results.

Many of our jobs today involve sitting for long periods of time and, for the business owner spending longer and longer at their desk because of the external pressures of a pandemic, shifting economic conditions and government regulations, they can, in a world moving too fast, find themselves not moving at all.

It is easy to unwittingly become trapped by the computer screen and this enforced immobility is without doubt detrimental to the business owner and the enterprise.

Long periods of inactivity at a desk slow the mind, sap creativity and increase anxiety – all of which undermine good mental health. It is also the fastest way to disconnect with your people and your business so my advice would be – get up and move. Walk round your premises, chat with your team – get up and explore your workplace and leave the screens behind. A ten minute move once an hour will make an enormous difference and, if you are completely absorbed by what’s on your laptop and likely to forget an hour has passed, set an alarm or borrow a fitness tracker that will remind you it is time for you to shift gears.

Making a move isn’t the answer to everything – but it will refresh you, heighten your problem solving ability and boost your creativity all of which will help you manage your business in our increasingly challenging times.

That said – I’m going to take my own advice, leave the screen behind and take a walk. I know it will be a wise move.

Business InsightsWhen the going gets tough – the wise get moving
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