Economist Cameron Bagrie provided members with some keen insights into current operating conditions at our recent Tuesday Team Talk. Cameron’s theme was ‘Unlocking New Zealand’ and key takeaways included:

  • Auckland’s lockdown will disrupt usual seasonal cash flow patterns for businesses with pressure building as lockdown continues.
  • A move away from housing as a source of wealth creation is required in favour of the productive (business) sector. This change is hard to imagine at present but inevitable with housing testing economic and social boundaries.
  • With Covid’s impact constraining the supply of products and labour, expect annual inflation in NZ to remain sticky around 3% and become the new normal.
  • Credit conditions are at their lowest point ever with banks favouring housing loans.
  • Education is one of the keys to NZ’s future. Declining school achievement is a real concern.

Members had the chance to quiz Cameron on some of the points and discuss how, as business owners, they’ll be tackling some of the issues.

Business InsightsUnlocking New Zealand with Cameron Bagrie
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