There is very little argument for not being online for your accounting requirements these days.

It’s a topic that took some persuading 10 years ago, but now we are fortunate in New Zealand to have some world leaders in innovation and technology security providing fantastic online accounting platforms for businesses.

The world of bank feeds was revolutionary 30 years ago and it was the rural sector that really jumped on this platform and transformed the preparation of GST returns and data gathering.

These days you can invoice debtors, pay creditors, prepare your payroll and do your bank reconciliations daily from your smart phone, tablet or PC from virtually any location in the world.

If that isn’t enough reason to think about changing, here are another five:

  • No more duplicate data files
  • Real time collaboration with your accountant, bookkeeper or trusted advisor
  • Secure and continuous off-site data storage eliminates exposure to data loss
  • Quicker debtor collection (by invoicing on time)
  • No more backups!

If you are not online it’s time that you seriously thought about doing so.  All providers offer a 30-day free trial and have vast support networks to assist you.

Russell Jaggard – The Alternative Board Hawkes Bay

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