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It’s quite common for websites to have a section labelled “About Us”, but we’ve decided that it’s more important to have a section labelled “About You”.  Because that’s the focus of our business – helping business leaders on Auckland’s North Shore to improve their lives and their businesses.  Our focus is not on us but on you, your business, and how we can help you to achieve your vision and surpass your goals.

You are a business leader

Whether you are the founder of your business or the current owner or a CEO managing the business on behalf of shareholders, you are the mover/shaker responsible for decision-making and accountable for your business’s performance.

Nobody knows your business as well as you do. Your business experience has given you valuable perspectives, and knowledge that could benefit other non-competing business leaders who face challenges similar to ones you have successfully resolved in the past.

You’ve worked really hard to make your business successful but the business challenges keep coming.   You sometimes think you’d like to be working fewer hours than you do – spending more time with your family and your partner, and enjoying the fruits of your business efforts.

You are open to new perspectives

Whether your business is going through a lot of challenges or whether it’s really booming at the moment, you know that there is always some room for improvement.

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In reality, all businesses go through some periods that are easier or more challenging than others and there are very few, if any problems that haven’t been faced and resolved by someone else at some stage in their business life.

Often the catalyst for a big leap forward is a new perspective brought into the business with the shared wisdom of someone who has faced similar challenges, or new tools that give you a fresh way of looking at your business.

You’d love to have a trusted adviser you could use as a sounding board

You’re the expert when it comes to your own business, but sometimes you’d like someone independent that would be an honest sounding board you could discuss your options with and keep you on track when bumps in the road have the potential to knock you off course.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. Contact Russell [email protected] or Warren [email protected] to arrange a discussion about how we can add value to your life and to your business.

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The past two years have been very challenging for everyone, particularly for businesses. But also for our customers, our suppliers, and our employees. And for their families, and our families.

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Take time to reflect these holidays

The summer holiday period is an ideal time to reflect on your personal and business visions. 2021 was a tough year full of many challenges for most business owners. Some businesses were closed due to COVID restrictions; others had their employees working from home....

Our Upcoming Taster Board Meeting

There’s no cost to attend and no ongoing commitment at the end.  Our aim is to give you a look inside a peer advisory board and see whether being a part of one might be a good fit for you and your business.  

A group of business owners seated around a board table having a meeting

Increase your sales, maximise profits, have a smooth-running business and, spend more time out of the office… here’s how.

Join us for a business owners Taster Board presented by Warren Olsen and Russell Eastwood of The Alternative Board.

There you will meet with other local area business owners to discuss and strategise the unique challenges and opportunities we each face – employee retention, engagement, sales, marketing and IT issues.

Let’s Start Something new

At The Alternative Board we believe in diagnosing before prescribing. If you’d like a complimentary diagnostic on your business and an understanding of how it’s performing across various business categories, please click here.

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