Some business owners choose to go it alone. Others find partners on the path, but hold things closely to their chest, believing that if they share their knowledge and ideas, their comparative wealth reduces.

Then there are those who recognise that collaboration – where everyone gives their ideas and suggestions freely – results in each person being lifted up to a new level, so everyone achieves better outcomes.

As Richard Branson said in his book, Like a Virgin:

“I believe in never asking just one person but in getting as much feedback as possible. Opinions always vary. By asking several people what they think, you get many angles and can weigh them all.”

There are a number of very good reasons for joining an advisory board:

You make better business decisions – and feel more confident about the decisions you make; when you belong to an advisory board, you bring challenges and opportunities to the table. When other experienced business owners give you ideas and suggestions in response, you not only make better decisions, you leave the meeting feeling more confident about the actions you will take.

You spend less time fire-fighting – attending an advisory board meeting each month forces you to stop working in your business and start working on it. By simply attending the meetings you gain the input and ideas you need to improve your effectiveness.

Other members hold you accountable for acting on the decisions you make- it can be easy to procrastinate or put off a decision, when you are on your own. But when you are on an advisory board, other members will hold your feet to the fire, and ensure you take action on the goals that are important to you.

It is no longer ‘lonely at the top’ – not only do other board members give you ideas and suggestions, they also have your back. When you belong to a board and are facing a difficult decision – you always have someone you can talk it over with.

Your results improve – when you make better strategic decisions, and are held accountable for acting on those decisions, the only way forward is up! Many members who join an advisory board find they grow faster – and more profitably – than their competitors.

You gain more time, more money, and more freedom in your life – the main outcome of joining on an advisory board is that over time you gain the time and resources you need to do more of the things you want in your life. It is that simple.

Karen Van Eden – Auckland West

BlogSix Reasons to Join an Advisory Board
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