We talk a great deal about the importance of a strong business strategy but one thing often forgotten is that strategy is impossible without clear personal vision.

As the saying goes – what does success look like for you? And not just your business success. We must understand what our individual success looks like for us at home, at work, in society. What vision do we have for both ourselves and our business and, most importantly, are they aligned?

We can focus so keenly on our business that we lose ourselves along the way – ending up burnt out and exhausted. Checking where we are on the road to success is easy to do and the questions below will help you pause, take stock of where you are and sharpen your vision for the future.

On your personal vision ask yourself…

  • Are you doing what you enjoy and what is most impactful in your business?
  • Are you getting rewards you hope for out of your business?
  • Is your health going to enable you to enjoy the benefits of the work you have put in?
  • Do you have a business exit strategy?
  • Do you have time for fun, recreation, family and friends?
  • Do you support other community interests in the way you would like to?

And for your company vision…

  • Do you have a clearly defined purpose – one that goes beyond profitability? What’s your why?
  • Do you have a clear set of core values that underpin every action the company takes?
  • What’s your BHAG – that big hairy audacious goal?
  • Do you have a company culture that sees you attract and retain the best employees?
  • Is the financial return of your business going to help you achieve your personal vision?

There are other questions of course concerning the products and services you offer, your preferred customers, your area of operation, and your market position in relation to competitors, as well as your position in your industry but when it comes to really understanding how you can move forward you have to get to start with your personal vision – the things that drive you and the things you want to change.

Strategy is important – but strategy is impossible without vision. Strategy is the pathway that helps us to realise our vision.

BlueprintSharpen your vision for strategic success
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