How to Effectively use Incentives to Motivate Employees

Is your incentive program truly motivating employees in the long-term?

Most business owners approach employee incentives with mixed emotions. They want to provide some system that creates a sense of urgency and responsibility in their employees, but they don’t want to shrink their bottom line. Of course, if you could be sure that incentives were guaranteed to dramatically increase performance, you’d have no problem putting them in place for every person in the company.

Why then is there such resistance to creating motivational rewards? The answer is clear. Many employee incentives fail to motivate enough of the desired behavior, and too frequently wind up becoming a permanent expense with a temporary impact. There are methods to motivating employees that avoid becoming an entitlement, and are dynamic enough to change and adapt with current conditions. We’ll talk about several approaches, beginning with an overview of he types of incentives.

This Employee Motivation white paper will:

  • Help you understand how to create incentives that appeal to individuals’ personal motivators
  • Develop a structure around your employee incentive programs that are clear and measurable
  • Explore how you can continue benefiting from employee incentive programs over time

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