As a business owner, I’m sure you have thought about how much more productive you would be if only you could spend LESS time;

• Dealing with emails.
• Fighting fires because the wrong person is in the role.
• Dealing with poor performance.
• Doing everything except what you should be doing.
• Doing something yourself because it’s quicker and easier.
• Struggling with poor cash flow and the problems it causes.
• Arguing with a spouse because they “don’t understand”.

We often hear people say “less is more”, but I would like to suggest we turn this on its head and say “more is less”.

Stop rushing, and spend more quality time in the moment. Focus on the important things in life, like your personal vision (what you went into business for in the first place)!

How about trying this:

• Spend more time planning your day and batching time to deal with emails.
• Spend more time getting clarity around what type of person you need for a particular role, create a job description and hire to that.
• Spend quality time giving constructive feedback and coach to improve.
• Spend more time planning and communicating your priorities.
• Spend more time delegating effectively and following up.
• Spend more time understanding your numbers and the profit margins required to make it work.
• Spend more time listening about your partner’s day rather than trying to fix it quickly.

While this might be easier said than done:

• Be selfish, you are a business owner. If you don’t work on what’s impacting on the bottom line, who will?
• Book time to plan your working day around your priorities.
• Seek to understand by asking questions, but be sure to listen to the answers.
• Be honest and understand the cost to market of your goods and services before you put your offer together.

Spend more time on what’s important to the business, and you will spend less time on what is not.

Russell Eastwood – The Alternative Board Auckland North

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