‘The heart of the economy’ – that’s the description frequently applied to New Zealand’s small businesses but what’s often overlooked is how those same businesses are at the heart of their communities too.

It’s been another tough week for everyone and many small businesses will again be feeling the pinch but, despite the return of familiar stressors, those businesses will quietly carry on supporting the many charities, not-for-profits, community and sports groups that play such a critical role in our society.

With that in mind, and on behalf of The Alternative Board, I’d like to give a shout-out to the thousands of business owners around the country who quietly and unassumingly help out the organisations around them. Sometimes this help comes in the form of sponsorship, other times it is support in kind, with donations of goods or services and it may even – in cash-strapped times – be offered as practical, hands-on support, fixing fences or painting club rooms.

The big companies often make a big noise about their community support and we see their names in lights attached to good causes – and it is absolutely right that they are recognised for what they do.

Small business support tends to be given quietly, slipping in under the radar but is just as critical. I recently asked members of a Northland networking group if anyone supported local causes and 90% of the room said yes – and did so with a big smile.

There is an incredible amount of support from small and medium sized businesses that is as important as that given by the big named sponsors and, at The Alternative Board, we’d like to acknowledge and congratulate all the business owners for their efforts – efforts that often span decades and countless contributions.

It makes a difference to the values of our community, the way we give back demonstrates our commitment to those around us. The support we give brings our values to life, makes a difference to society and to our health and wellbeing.

This year, I’ve sponsored Northland Rugby’s Taniwha Supporters Club and have been truly heartened by the response both from the club and from fellow business owners who have shared with me the causes they support – but always forget to mention. It seems that, as is the way with small businesses, they quietly get on with the job, so if your business supports a local cause, club or charity, let me know so I can give you a shout-out and a heart-felt thank you on behalf of everyone you help.

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