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Enquire today about the Independent Contactor/Facilitator opportunity that is backed by a New Zealand and global support network.

See how TAB works!

Hi, I am Craig and I am a TAB business owner in Christchurch.

I am looking for experienced business people to extend the reach of The Alternative Board beyond Christchurch. 

Call me today to discuss this unique and exciting opportunity.

Make a difference with your own business peer to peer advisory board

 When was the last time you woke up before the alarm clock and couldn’t wait to get started with your business day?

There are very few business opportunities that provide a genuine sense of personal satisfaction combined with financial success and flexibility.

The opportunity to become an independent Contract Facilitator to The Alternative Board provides just that.

Our Contact Facilitators have a purpose to what they do. They make a difference in the businesses and the lives of their members.

How would you like to leverage all of the business experience that you have accumulated and have this kind of impact on business owners – both in their business and in their lives?

“I think what makes a successful Franchisee is someone that really cares; it’s not about the money; it’s really about making an absolute difference to the people you work with. And seeing that difference work its way through to the way people operate around their business is just fantastic, I love it.”

Steve Wilkinson, TAB Franchise Owner, Christchurch & North Canterbury

What our clients say about us

Where else can you find a team of people that you can work with, share ideas with, that have your best interests at heart? And where else can you offer what you’ve got, to other people, and know that you’ve got their best interests at heart as well. It’s a great thing to do. To share in each others’ businesses and in each other’s lives in a way. As a team it’s a great thing to be involved in.”

Robyn Lonsdale – Temple Water Technologies, Auckland

What are you waiting for?

Talk to me right now and I can give you all the details you need.

Franchise Opportunities Timaru Greymouth Ashburton Oamaru
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