What do a surveyor, a cheesemaker, a plumber, an engineer, a distributor and manufacturer, and an event hire business owner have in common?

Nothing I hear you say!!!

You are wrong.

They’re all members of their own Peer Group Advisory Board in Christchurch.  Every month for the past five plus years they’ve met with a view to resolving the problems of the world, but more specifically, each other’s problems, challenges, and issues.  The kind of things that crop up for a business owner every day.

In addition, they help each other to evaluate opportunities and new ideas in a world that we all acknowledge is rapidly changing.

Unless the toilet’s not working how can a plumber help a cheesemaker, I hear you ask?  That’s the beauty of having a range of business owners across many industries providing you with feedback on a particular issue, challenge, or opportunity.  Unlike an industry group where members often have the same thought process by virtue of the industry sector, profession, or trade they’re in Peer Advisory Group members don’t all think the same way you do!

I’ve been a facilitator of Peer Group Advisory Board meetings for over seven years now and I continue to be amazed at not only the similarities on issues amongst my diverse group of members but also the left-field options that evolve from discussing a member’s challenges because of that diversity.  It’s this left-field thinking that creates innovative solutions and that’s what makes the Peer Group Advisory Board concept so unique.

Access to the wisdom and experience of a diverse range of business owners with combined business experience in excess of 100 years in some cases is something that is valued in today’s business environment.  It’s also one of the reasons that The Alternative Board membership model has continued to grow exponentially not only in New Zealand but in 23 other countries around the world.

If you want access to a unique experience where your business and its challenges and opportunities can be viewed through an independent filter and a different set of eyes – joining your very own Peer Group Advisory Board may just be the answer

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