Last week at my advisory board meeting I presented a new business opportunity to my peers to get their feedback and ideas. Before I shared it with them, I thought I had analysed the situation reasonably well and had uncovered some concerns on how to proceed. The feedback I got was immensely helpful but also pointed out something that really caught me by surprise. What I had considered a good analysis of the problem, they described as ‘head trash’, advising that my mind was cluttered with negative thinking more likely to steer me towards failure than success.

They pointed out that my focus was on the concerns of the timing of the meeting, the need to hold the meeting on Zoom, the closeness of Christmas and my assumption that the client was not in any rush. I’d got bogged down in ‘negative’ concerns giving me an excuse for failure. My fellow board members suggested that I was failing to highlight that it was an excellent opportunity to deliver a great result for a client or get excited because I knew what their problem was, how I could help solve it – and the client had actively sought my services.

Far better that I go into the meeting – Zoom or otherwise – with a clear mind uncluttered by the negatives that had been creeping in. If I focus on the process of how I can help them solve their problem now and get them excited about it – it will be much better than worrying and making assumptions about timing.

Lockdown has produced huge concerns for many businesses and in developing scenarios to help us survive or simply deal with what’s in front of us, perhaps we should take a moment to ‘declutter’ our thinking and instead, work on some plans to be proactive, spotting the business opportunities ahead of us without getting bogged down with ‘what ifs’ and other concerns.

Thanks to my board members, I was reminded that we should get excited about the opportunities we have. Do that and your teams will get excited about facing the new world with you. And, if you are struggling with ways to reclaim the positive, talk to some other business owners – it really does help clear the clutter and the ‘head trash’, allowing you to see the opportunities.

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