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Provider of business advice, planning and business coaching solutions to owners, CEO’s and managing directors in Auckland.  Our business owner Advisory Boards and Virtual Boards expand your thinking beyond your particular industry providing different perspectives to spur new ways of doing business based on real-world experience.  We encourage and empower our members to achieve their business and personal visions.  We have business mentors and coaches in Auckland North, Auckland Central, Auckland South, Auckland East and Auckland West.

Auckland Business Coaches / Facillitators

Gordon Stuart

Business Coach & Facilitator
Auckland Central


With 28 years of wide-ranging international business experience, Gordon now applies his well-earned wisdom to help business owners in Auckland’s CBD.
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Involved in many of NZ’s largest takeovers, Gordon is well versed in due diligence, valuation, project finance, management and, importantly, the need for good corporate governance.

He says: “All businesses need to recognise and embed the importance of setting milestones and using bench-marking to meet goals, differentiate the best, drive improved understanding and continuous improvement. The Alternative Board provides a structure for business owners to focus this important work”. During his banking career Gordon worked with domestic and large multi-national businesses, gaining stakeholder management expertise and an understanding of value chains across a diverse range of industries including methanol, gold mining, electricity generation and distribution, food and beverage, retail and financial services. Gordon has a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Auckland and is a member of both the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (NZICA) and Institute of Directors in New Zealand (IoD).

When he is not working, Gordon can be found coaching and administering rugby at North Shore Rugby Football Club.

Russell Eastwood - Auckland North

Business Coach & Facilitator
Auckland North


From the North Shore to the borders of Northland, Russell supports business owners ‘over the bridge’.  With his extensive coaching and facilitation background he 

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helps owners work through the life cycle of their business – change in ownership, succession, restructures, acquisitions, sales systems, work behaviours, innovation and people culture. Russell has trained sales forces from some of New Zealand’s iconic companies and has been building skills and competencies in the business world for the last twenty years through his successful training and coaching company. 

Russell specialises in sales, leadership, coaching and time management and work behaviours and has worked with business owners and management teams across New Zealand and Australia in fields as diverse as technology, education, logistics, manufacturing, finance, construction, and scientific research. He says: “Running a business is hard – we have to ask tough questions and think differently to achieve success. I’ve lived and worked in Auckland North for 30 years and being able to act as a catalyst for change to help businesses is a great privilege. My sole motivation is helping businesses succeed. The Alternative Board is the right place for business owners in Auckland North to source the advice, support and inspiration they need to move forward”.

Scott Morris Auckland East TBO

Business Coach & Facilitator
Auckland East


Scott brings a passion to his work with business owners and leaders and helps them realise their visions of personal and business success.

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His passion is backed by more than 27 years of experience across all areas of business operation and ownership. Working for many years in the New Zealand dairy industry, Scott progressed into international marketing, sales and business development. He gained international experience with 11 years in Asia, the Middle East and Russia and spent two years with Fonterra’s international strategy and mergers and acquisitions team.

Returning to Auckland, Scott led international and domestic marketing strategy for Tenon, with his first taste of business ownership at the marketing consulting group, Traffic. Scott was asked to join the Laser Electrical and Plumbing franchise group as a Director and NZ CEO where he operated successfully for a number of years and

most recently Scott was the owner and Managing Director of Essential Brands Group NZ, an Australasian coffee franchise group growing the business to profitability in a very challenging market before successfully managing the sale of the business. He says: “Business owners face significant challenges every day and working with The Alternative Board helps them meet those challenges and exceed their own expectations. Operating environments are going to get tougher and the support we can provide is invaluable”.

Karen Van Eden Auckland West TBO

Business Coach & Facilitator
Auckland West


After 20 years as a Strategic Change Consultant, Karen joined The Alternative Board to work in a more meaningful and collaborative way. The role of a consultant is to offer external expertise; yet after years of success, 


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Karen’s style has evolved into coaching business owners to find their own solutions from within.

Karen asks potent questions, provides a strong sounding board, and empowers business owners to uncover, own, and fully implement next steps. With a longstanding passion for organisational culture, Karen knows this truth: if people are happy, energised, and have the tools needed, organisations perform well. Similarly, if organisations perform well, business owners have more time, money, and freedom to live their dreams.

Karen has completed advanced coaching programmes and is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation. This enables her to bring a refined ear for deep and intuitive listening to the needs of her clients. Karen also facilitates Business Owner Advisory Board Meetings where business owners offer each other fresh perspectives and new options.

Throughout her life, Karen has chosen to live in ways which reflect her deepest values. To do this, she has walked the path of reinvention so that she works to a meaningful, healthy, and fulfilling rhythm. It is with empathy and enthusiasm that she provides strategic and operational support to business owners, while also challenging them to reach through the short-term pain of being in business to reach the long-term gains of business growth and improvement.

Bruce Roberts Auckland West TBO

Business Coach & Facilitator
Auckland West


With deep executive experience from an array of senior management positions held across a variety of national and multinational companies, within industries ranging from printing and publishing, breweries, FMCG,

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and furniture, Bruce has a fantastic success rate in problem-solving, growing businesses, and improving bottom lines.

Going into business as a coach with The Alternative Board has allowed him to work in a highly collaborative way with his clients. It has also allowed him to live his life based on his core values: embracing and living life fully, challenging himself and others to be their best, choosing to walk his own path and, like nature, evolving and responding to what is.

Bruce feels privileged to leverage his broad business experience to help small and medium-sized business owners improve profitability and positively impact the lives of their staff. In one-on-one coaching sessions, Bruce listens intuitively, sees patterns, and asks questions that bring out innovative ideas, enabling business owners to enact their personal and professional visions. In this role, he offers his voice with detachment while encouraging passionate forward movement.

He also creates and facilitates Business Owner Advisory Board Meetings where owners help each other solve problems and seize opportunities. At any one time, he works closely with up to 30 companies, sparking the flame that enables business and developmental growth.

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Chris Deere TBO Auckland South

Business Coach & Facilitator
Auckland South


Chris is committed to the South Auckland community, living and working there since 1993, establishing and fostering collaborative partnerships to support others and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

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He started out as a police officer in South Auckland and his passion for people led him to a variety of community and front-line based roles. He was instrumental in the establishment of a CYFs approved programme requiring a multi-agency approach to cater for male recidivist youth offenders.
Moving into to the commercial world, Chris became CEO of Rainbow’s End Theme Park, where he continued to initiate and support many community initiatives. Under his leadership Rainbow’s End experienced significant growth, developed a strong and effective customer focused, inclusive work culture and received a number of prestigious local and international awards.
Combining his community focus, significant wide-ranging business leadership experience and qualification as a professional level coach through ANZCAL (Australia and New Zealand Coaching Alliance), Chris is very much committed to supporting business owners in South Auckland.
He says: “South Auckland is brimming with innovation, whether that’s in the many manufacturing businesses here, service provision or other enterprises. That means the scope for development and growth is huge and The Alternative Board is the right place for South Auckland business owners to find the support and help they need”.

Photo of Contract Facilitator for Auckland South Mike Kelliher

Business Coach & Facilitator
Auckland South


Mike Kelliher has worked in the local SME sector for the last 10 years holding various GM and CEO roles. Growing up in East Auckland and attending Auckland University, Mike graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce before embarking on a career in Accounting and Finance.

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It wasn’t long before Mike headed to the US, basing himself in San Francisco and working in several roles including for the world’s largest fund manager.
Working in Corporate America, Mike experienced a working culture that in his words was ‘ahead of its time’ and it was through this experience that lead to Mike’s penchant for leadership.
After 10 years in the US and missing the Kiwi lifestyle, Mike returned to NZ with his family to further his career.
Back home Mike worked in several senior roles within the SME sector, helping to transform businesses in their pursuit of growth. Sectors that Mikes worked in ranged from finance, manufacturing, export and professional services.
Mike believes that SME owners need someone that really cares about unlocking their potential, enabling them to build their business in line with the vision they set.
The Alternative Board provides Mike with the perfect platform from which to share his local and international experience with NZ SME’s.

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