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When you join The Alternative Board you not only get the value of a peer to peer, support group, you will also get a monthly one-on-one with your local facilitator – your very own business coach or mentor on speed dial.

We want to help you regain that feeling of excitement you experienced when you first set up your own business and remind you why you did it.

These sessions will provide a real opportunity to keep you focused, accountable and on track to achieve your business goals.  By keeping focused on what is important and going to make a difference to you and your business, you will be less likely to get drawn into tasks that eat away at your time. With us, you’ll discover the true benefits of working with a Business Coach.

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What is a Business Coach?

Business owners face an ever-changing business landscape, where competition is stiff, budgets are tight, and the labour market is challenging. Everyone is looking for any advantage.

“Business Coaching can help proactive entrepreneurs accelerate their personal and professional growth and allow them to experience a new perspective and deep support and structure.”

Our Business Coaches are all highly experienced business leaders. During your monthly one-on-one meetings, your local Coach will:

  • ask the right questions that enable you to retain perspective,
  • focus on issues that are important to you,
  • provide a structure for business planning that facilitates measurable progress and
  • provide supportive accountability that meets your personal needs.

Why business coaching?

For the same reason, that sports teams and players have coaches! Business coaching provides an independent perspective that makes visible the things you can’t always see for yourself. Like our business owner advisory boards, our coaches provide a secure and confidential place where you can share your ambitions, thoughts and concerns without fear. They will sit down with you and listen to what you’ve achieved in your business, what your plans are for the future and guide you on how to achieve your goals by offering suggestions on how to improve your business. Where else can you do that?


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The main change I have seen is not just within myself but within the business. I have newfound confidence to lead my staff and I have confidence in what I am doing and what I am trying to achieve. TAB has helped me to lead from the front and do what I need to do to get stuff done.

Daniel Hepburn

Owner, The Shipper Auckland

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