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Are you struggling with complex business issues?

Peer to peer Advisory boards are here to help Business owners in an ever-changing business landscape, where competition is stiff, budgets are tight, and the labour market is challenging (especially in the current climate). Everyone is looking for any advantage.  

Business Advisory Boards can help proactive entrepreneurs accelerate their personal and professional growth with peer to peer review and input from other business owners.

Peer to peer Advisory board

How The Board works

What is an Advisory Board?

While CEOs of large corporations have boards of directors, small business owners are often on their own. They may have employees, but it’s inappropriate to lean on them for advice and support about major decisions.

Our Business Advisory Boards help proactive entrepreneurs accelerate their personal and professional growth by assembling a group of peers and allowing each member to experience new perspectives and peer support from one another. We meet with the single purpose of helping each other succeed.


Unique peer to peer Groups of Non-Competing Business Owners.

Our boards are made up of a small group of up to eight non-competing business owners.

Every board holds monthly in-person meetings where members take turns discussing their challenges and receiving advice and accountability. Group members encourage each other to set bold goals and offer mutual support in accomplishing those goals.

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Advisory Board Peer to Peer

Type of Issues Discussed

Our advisory boards provide a trusted space in which to receive unbiased feedback on topics like time management, strategy, human resources, sales and marketing, operations and finance.

Our advisory boards discuss the challenges and opportunities that you face when running your business. We expand your thinking beyond your particular industry providing collective wisdom and new perspectives to spur new ways of doing business.

Imagine the difference to your business right now with a group of committed people behind you


Are you looking for somewhere to talk openly about the challenges and opportunities that you face in operating your business?

Well The Alternative Board is just that place!  At TAB we offer you the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate and brainstorm with like-minded business owners;
  • Benefit from their experience, and work with mentors who have your best interests at heart;
  • Learn how to engage your people;
  • Pick up tips for a better work-life balance, and
  • Grasp that it’s ok if you don’t have all the answers.

TAB enables you to meet with around six fellow business owners each month who offer unbiased advice, and share their wisdom to help you run your business more successfully.

Each month you present an issue or opportunity to your board to work through. With the same dedicated people each time, they will really get to grips with you and your business, and help you to achieve the workplace results you are seeking.

    I went to a sample board meeting and was most impressed with the process.  Not only did we get a personal coach but we got access to all the other wisdom and experience held by other board members, who are business owners.  Membership is structured in a realistic way to the size of any business, making coaching relationships more sustainable for the long term.  Its a growth process and all of us who sit around the Board table get lifted up knowing it is a safe place to share our challenges with one  another and help out with wise and creative solutions
    Robyn Lonsdale

    Owner, Templewater Technologies Auckland

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    Paul Denton

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    Barbara Rivers

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