Confident and determined to get through – that’s the verdict from members this August when we checked in to see how you were all doing

Contrary to ongoing ‘doom-and-gloom’ commentary, there’s a strong, steady pulse beating in our small business sector with business owners like you displaying remarkable resilience, high confidence and a pragmatic approach to the challenges of COVID19.

Our August Business Pulse revealed 95% of small-to-medium size enterprises are confident they’ll get through.  More than a third of small businesses have benefited from government support with only a small percentage anticipating job losses once the wage subsidy ends. Banks have been understanding, helping where necessary or carrying on with business as usual, and jobs are holding steady.

Sales and orders remain buoyant with supply lines and international transportation links for exporters seemingly intact.

“Given we are awash with negative commentary, the results were heartening” says managing director  Stephen James. “I think, in part, the focus has been on the hit taken by more visible sectors like tourism and hospitality but our members are involved in many other activities and their perspective hasn’t necessarily been reflected to date.

“The strong Pulse Check was even more remarkable as the change to Alert Level Three for Auckland and Alert Level Two for the rest of New Zealand occurred during the consultation period.”

On the down side, mainstream media is reducing confidence levels and the wish-list of things that would help business owners get through the remainder of 2020 includes more customers, more government support – and a rest, as business owners report they’re feeling exhausted.

“It is understandable that business owners are exhausted. Although confidence is high and business steady, they’ve worked extremely hard to achieve stability in our tumultuous times. I would anticipate this pace will continue as they adapt and adopt new approaches or innovations. While things may change and outlooks darken, business owners are pragmatic in their determination – the Kiwi ‘can do’ approach to adversity and an unwillingness to be beaten is certainly in evidence. They are ‘COVID courageous’ and I think their confidence level reflects this.”

Keeping in mind our members and associates are primarily involved in industries that make, supply, service, fix, invent or build things and the results may reflect that this group has been under-represented to date, with focus falling on hospitality, retail and tourism in other surveys.

Throughout all the upheaval we’ve seen in 2020, one constant has been the support of The Alternative Board, for and among its members. The majority of members who took part in August’s survey said they had looked to and received support from us and, rest assured, we continue to make sure we can deliver the support and resources you need.

The August Pulse Check survey of 275 of its members and associates was conducted between August 7 – 19 with a confidence level of 90% and a 5% margin of error.  You can download a copy of the results in full here and September’s Pulse Check will be opened to members on September 9 when we’ll check in to see how things are going.

The Alternative Board conducted the August Pulse Check survey of 275 of its members and associates between August 7 – 19 with a confidence level of 90% and a 5% margin of error.

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