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The Alternative Board supports business owners to take their business to the next level through;

But how do we differ from a traditional business coach or consultant?  They may concentrate on improving your sales, sorting out your HR or helping you with your finances but that’s where it often ends.  At The Alternative Board, we’ll look at these too but we’ll start with you, the business owner, as a person.  And we’ll be alongside you for the long term!  Through thick and thin, summer and winter.

And it works!  Typically, our members stay with us for many years.

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The Alternative Board is a global organisation founded in 1990 by Allen Fishman.  Allen realised that over the course of his career his non-executive directors had been invaluable to him and he wanted to make that kind of experience accessible to all business owners.

He also recognised the value that peer advice and coaching from experienced business owners could bring to individuals who were serious about achieving greater personal and business success.

Allen knew from his own experience that when his personal and business lives were balanced, it made him happier and more successful in his role as an entrepreneur.

The Alternative Board started as one business owner advisory board and grew from there. We now operate boards in over 20 countries around the world and continue to expand. We have helped over 20,000 business owners to improve their businesses and their lives. In New Zealand, The Alternative Board began in 2012 and now has a national presence assisting over 250 Kiwi business owners.

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