After the shock of what’s happened in the last month or two and as the adrenalin begins to subside and fatigue starts to catch up, what happens next?

Here’s a few initial thoughts.

First, take a moment. Imagine the bell signalling the end of the round has gone, you’re reeling from a knock-down but now, for a few moments, you’re in the safety of your corner with your coach. Introspect. How are you feeling? How’s your energy level? Do you have the resilience to keep going? Whatever you think, it’s ok! Quoting Paul Simon: the fighter still remains.

Secondly, survey your environment. What’s changed recently? What impact does that have on your life? Your family? Your business? Use the SWOT exercise to help you think this through.

Thirdly, talk to your coach in your corner. They’ve got your back. Iterate. Discuss. Challenge. Look ahead. Be open-minded. Agree some short-term actions.

Fourthly, be light on your feet: float like a butterfly!

Whatever path you select, the next few months will throw some further challenges. Be ready to adapt and adjust.

Finally, lean on your supporters to get you through (RIP Bill Withers). Now is not the time to be alone.

Stephen James – Owner, The Alternative Board New Zealand

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